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Commercial gate  Bronx

Commercial Gate Bronx New York

If you own a store, a garage, or a warehouse in The Bronx, and you are using a storefront rolling gate, or a rollup gate in NYC, you probably know by now how important it is to have a commercial rollup iron gate which function well and that open and close with no issues. There are many commercial rolling doors in Bronx New York, to fit different store fronts and to give different solutions, since different stores in The Bronx need different types of doors and gates for different purposes.
Some business owners in The Bronx need basic push up steel doors, that can be opened and close with a simple push up or down with the assistance of the push up spring, and some need a motorized industrial heavy duty rolling gate that can be opened and closed many times during the day. Whether it is a parking gate in Manhattan, push up roll up gate in Bronx, or commercial gate in Bronx County, they all have one thing in common: They all need to be strong and reliable, like every commercial gate in New York we install should be. And they all need to be maintained and greased to ensure their smooth and uninterrupted movement.

Commercial rolling gate Bronx

Commercial gate repairs the Bronx

In order to be able to repair commercial rolling gates Bronx NYC, you need to have an experience in repairing all types of commercial gates in New York, and you need to have knowledge that only many years of fixing commercial gates in New York can teach. The reason is that every commercial gate in The Bronx in unique, built from different materials, and installed in a different way. So if someone was able to fix a commercial rolling gate in The Bronx once, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be able to fix a different gate at a different location in New York. Since if you would like to fix commercial rollup gate in Bronx you need to be ready for many surprises that come along the way, and you need to be able to offer emergency commercial rollup gates services in New York, since there is never good time for a commercial gate to get stuck, and often the gate get stuck at the worst possible timing.

Commercial gate & Safety

We know that a broken commercial rolling gate, whether it is a broken gate repair in Yonkers, or in The Bronx, is never a convenience situation, and if you are reading our posts about gate repairs, you probably face a broken commercial gate, and look for contractor who fix commercial gates in The Bronx. It may be tempting to try and force the commercial gate to close or to open, or to bring a lather and try to push the gate back into the tracks. But if you will choose to do – and not using a commercial rollup iron gate repairman in The Bronx - not only that you may create a bigger damage to your door, but at the same time you will put yourself, and other people which located near the gate at risk.
If you own a commercial property in NYC with a commercial rolling gate, you probably used to a gate which operate smoothly and open or close whenever we need it to. But when something is wrong, like if the gate went off tracks, or if a track hit the gate and damaged it, the gate is not safe to use anymore, and using a broken commercial gate in The Bronx can be dangerous. There are many articles online that show how dangerous commercial gates can be, and why it is so important to use the gate only if it functioning properly.

Motorized Commercial Gate Bronx NY

If you own a commercial motorized rolling gate in The Bronx, and you are unable to open up the gate or to close it, do not be sure that it is due to a problem with the gate’s operator. Although it may seem to you like the electric operator cannot open up the gate, it may be due to different reasons that none of them is the opener itself. We receive many calls for service from owners of commercial gates in The Bronx, telling us that there is something wrong with the gate’s electric operator, and often when we arrive we discover that the reason the motor cannot open or close the gate is due to a problem with parts of the gate and not the motor.
It doesn’t matter if you need a commercial gate repair in Manhattan NY, or a roll down steel door repair in Bronx NY, if you cannot close the commercial gate, if the gate went out of its tracks, if the motor cannot move the gate, or if someone accidently hit the gate with a truck, contact a local gate specialist in Bronx to come and repair it for you.

Commercial gate motor NYC

Why hire a qualified gate tech in The Bronx

There are many handymen and many different contractors in the Bronx, who attempt to try and fix a broken rolling gate instead of using a professional gate technician that have the experience and the tools to deal with a broken commercial steel gate. We believe that the best way to explain why you should use a professional gate repairman to fix your broken commercial gate is with an example, and with a case study about rolling gate repair in the Bronx:
We were asked once to provide an estimate for a commercial roll up gate repair in Fordham Rd in the Bronx. We sent a technician and estimated the repair, which included spring replacement and slats replacement for $850. We were told that we are overpriced, and that they found someone who will do the repair for $300. We thanked them and wished them luck. The next day we get a call for emergency repair, since the same people who rejected our estimate can’t open the gate now, and the contractor they hired don’t answer their calls anymore. The problem was that not only that they needed to pay for emergency service, they also needed to pay another $200 for new slats that the previous repairmen broke.
The lesson was learned, they learned that if a contractor charge them more than other contractors in the Bronx, that does not mean they are overpriced, sometime they just want to do the job the right way. There are 2 reasons why BQE Garage Doors will refuse to accept a new project: The first, if the gate will not be fully safe for use once the job will be done, and second, if fixing the gate will not make the gate perfectly operable.

Commercial rolling gate repair The Bronx

BQE Garage Doors from the Bronx can service all gates in New York. Whether it is a rollup iron gate, a rolling gate, a roll door or a commercial overhead door, if you are located in NYC, we can fix it. We offer emergency rollup gate repairs in the Bronx, so no matter what time or what day, if you need our help, we will be there. Steel gates repair in The Bronx is what we do, and we are doing all that we can to do it best and become #1 gate repair company in New York.
New commercial rolling gate installation in The Bronx: BQE Garage Doors offer high quality commercial steel gate parts and motors from leading opener brands in New York such as Lift Master opener and more.
Commercial gate motor repair The Bronx: To BQE Garage Doors it doesn’t really matter if it is a gate operator repair or a new gate motor installation, with our same day service in the Bronx, we will fix it and make your rolling gate work again today.
Off tracks commercial gate repairs: Did someone hit your commercial gate in The Bronx with a track? Did someone placed something at the gate’s path while it is closing? If your gate is out of its tracks, we can fix it today. We offer all kinds of commercial gate repairs in Bronx NY, and out of track commercial gate repair is one of them.
Commercial Gate Maintenance: The best thing you can do if you want to make sure that your rolling door in The Bronx will continue to work is to maintain it. We offer commercial rolling gates tune-up services in New York, to help protect your gate, smooth its movement, and to make sure it is safe for use like every gate in NY should be.

Commercial gate tune-up The Bronx

Before we will start explaining about the importance of the rolling gate tune-up in New York, we would like to make it clear that commercial gate tune-up is not a substitute to repair. If you’re rolling gate in New York is broken, and need to be repaired, greasing it will not help. Commercial gate tune-up is being performed when the gate is working perfectly and there are no broken or damaged parts.
A basic commercial gate tune-up in The Bronx include greasing the gate, inspecting it for broken or lose parts, and testing the commercial gate to make sure it is safe for use, like every rolling gate in New York should be. Maintaining a commercial rolling gate in The Bronx is relatively a quick process, but can make a huge difference between a commercial gate that will work for many years and will not require repairs, and a commercial gate that will get stuck every other month, and which will force you to contact a commercial rollup iron gate specialist in Bronx to come and make it work again.
Some gates in New York can be greased by doing it yourself, and some require a qualified repairman. If you own a commercial gate in the Bronx, we recommend that you will use the services of a specialist, especially if it is a heavy duty industrial gate. Since maintaining an industrial steel gate is not just to grease the gate, but it also include inspecting the gate for broken or lose components, testing the gate motor, and perform safety check to ensure the gate is safe to use. Like we said, in most cases gate tune-up is a relatively quick process, as long as it is being done by a trained technician, and the technicians of BQE Garage Doors from the Bronx are qualified to deal with any commercial gate in New York City.

Commercial Overhead Door Bronx

Beside commercial gates, BQE Garage Doors also repair commercial overhead doors in New York City. There are many different kinds of commercial garage doors, and all of them have one thing in common: a broken overhead door, whether it is a commercial garage door repair in the Bronx or a commercial overhead door in Rockland County should not be used before a professional garage door technique repair it, maintain it, and make sure the commercial overhead door is safe for use, like every garage door in the world should work (Commercial, Industrial or residential).
We provide same day repair service for commercial overhead doors in the Bronx, and we carry in our tracks most of the parts and components which are required in order to complete the repairs of any overhead door in NYC today. Whether it is a garage torsion spring replacement, a Genie garage opener installment, or a new garage door rollers installment, if you need a commercial garage door repairs in the Bronx, we can help.

Commercial overhead door spring replacement NY

One common reasons that prevent a commercial overhead door in the Bronx from working properly is a broken torsion spring (It also the most common reason. A commercial garage door spring replacement in The Bronx is not a simple process, and it should be performed by a garage door specialist who can deal with heavy duty overhead doors in New York that can weigh thousands of pounds. The torsion spring replacement require certain tools, and of course manufacturing the right torsion spring for the door, that many times is a custom made spring, since there is no one size of springs for all overhead doors in New York City. It can be a glass and aluminum overhead door in Long Island, a steel overhead door repair in Yonkers, or a workshop garage door repair in Staten Island. The important part is to avoid using the door, and allow one of our overhead door spec lists in New York to come and fix it for you today.

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