Off Tracks Rollup Door Repair Bronx

Off tracks garage door repair Bronx

Off Tracks Rolling Door Repairs Bronx

“off-tracks” overhead door, whether it is a garage door near Bronx, rollup garage door near Manhattan, or anywhere else is a risky situation. If you will look at your garage door, you will find that the thing which holding the overhead doors on the tracks are the rollers. When the roller jump out of the track, the door cannot - and shouldn’t - be operated, until a garage door expert will put it back on the tracks. You may consider pushing the roller or the rollers back into the tracks, and not using a qualified garage door specialist near Bronx to do the repair, but that will be a mistake, since when garage door near Bronx is “off-tracks”, there is a reason for that, and the reason should be taken vehicle of before the door can be used again. If you will not address the issue, the door can come “off-tracks” again, and the next time can be even more risky, since the overhead door can fall completely out of the tracks. It can be a boasted rolling gate repair, or jammed garage door service, BQE Garage Doors can help.

Reasons garage door go “off-tracks”

There are many reasons that can make a garage door near Bronx jump outside of its tracks. But no matter what is the reason that made the door go out of the tracks, the important thing is to stop using the door and wait for a qualified overhead garage door specialist near Bronx to fix it. The reasons can change from one door to another, and from commercial garage door repair to private home garage door repair. What matter is that you will use a professional garage door contractor near Bronx for the repair, and that you will not try and force the door to open or close. Sometime the door may be completely stuck and sometime it can still be moved, but that doesn’t mean that you should try and move it.

off tracks overhead door

What are the causes for “off-tracks” overhead door:

  1. The door was hit by a vehicle: The garages near Bronx are relatively small, and not once we receive calls from people who tried to exit the garage, and accidentally hit the door with the vehicle. In that case the repair can be simple or complicated, it all depend on the amount of damage to the door. We know that it may seem simple to push the roller back into the tracks, thinking that the door will work again. But what you do not know is that doing so can be risky, and the best thing will be to call a garage door contractor near Bronx New York to fix the door for you, make sure that it is safe for use again, and only then get back to use the door.
  2. There is a problem with the door system: The garage doors in New York operate with spring system. It can be a garage door in Westchester County New York, or a garage door in Nyack New York. No matter what door you own, or where you are located, do not use a busted garage door. If your door suddenly jumped “off-tracks”, it may be to several reasons, like busted spring, snapped cable, or busted roller. The important thing is to let everyone know that the door is busted, and call Door Company near Bronx to fix the door for you.
  3. The roller is busted: Like we explained, the rollers are what connect the door to the tracks. And if you live near Bronx, and you have been ignoring the need for garage door maintenance and lubrication like every garage door in New York need, you probably going to need garage door repairs near Bronx. But even if you did maintained and lubricated your garage door near Bronx on time. Some of the garage door parts, like the rollers and pulleys need to be replaced once in a while, no matter how much you lubricated them. And using the door although the rollers or rollers are busted will make the door jump “off-tracks” again and again. Whether it is a commercial overhead door, or “off-tracks” store front gate near Bronx, BQE Garage Doors can help you get it work again, and we can do that today.

Commercial “off-tracks” Garage Door

If you own a commercial overhead garage door, and the door went “off-tracks”, you must stop using it before you or someone else will get hurt. Commercial overhead doors, and it can be a commercial garage door service in New City, or a busted commercial garage door service near Scarsdale can be risky, and should be repaired by a qualified garage door tech, who have the ability to deal with heavy duty industrial overhead doors near Bronx New York. And this will be the best advice we can give if your commercial garage door is “off-tracks”. Do not touch anything, do not try and close the door using force (Even if there are only few inches missing) and for sure do not try and make the door work again.
Commercial overhead doors are risky, and if something went wrong you better hire a local expert for the service to fix the door for you. Look for a local door vendor to help you get the door back on tracks and working again. BQE Garage Doors offer same day service for commercial garage doors near Bronx New York, so there is no need for you to try and repair the garage door by do-it-yourself, especially when you do not have the tools and the knowledge to deal with the heavy duty commercial garage doors near Bronx.

off tracks rolling door

Off tracks store front gate Bronx

We service overhead doors near Bronx New York, but beside that, we also service “off-tracks” roll up gate or roll up doors near Bronx. Just like with the out of track garage door, if your store front gate near Bronx is busted, stop using the gate, and contact a local supplier that can fix rolling gate. The store front gate can get “off-tracks” for all kinds of reasons, but the most popular one is when some accidently forget something bellow the gate, and when the gate is closing, and there is no safety measure installed, the gate keep rolling down until it comes “off-tracks”.
Repairing a rolling gate near Bronx, in case the gate is “off-tracks” can be relatively simple repair (As long as you know what you are doing) and can be a complicated repair, especially if you need to get parts to repair the door. We can repair any rolling door near Bronx, and we can do that today. So do not attempt to do anything, we have seen roll gates that crushed, we have seen roll up gates near Bronx that fixing them could take 5 minutes, and when the owner tried to force the door to move, it ended with a 8 hours repairs that cost the owner money he could save.

“Off-tracks” garage door repair case studies

As we said earlier, and we will say it again and again: Do not try and force the garage door to work! Call a local garage door expert to fix the door. Any attempt to force the door can result with serious injuries. We would like to present you with 2 case studies of people who tried to fix out of track garage door in New York by fix-it-yourself. One tried to repair garage door in Yonkers, and one tried to fix garage door in White Plains. The location in New York isn’t as important as the results that luckily ended with no injuries, but did end with damage.

First Case study

We had a client who owned a private home roll up door in Bay Ridge, and asked us to come and fix the roll up door which is off tracks. He then asked us how much will it cost to repair such thing, and we answered that estimating out of track roll up door repair near Bronx is unprofessional, and that we need to send someone to check the door. He said that he is willing to pay up to 20$ for the service and not more. We politely explained that the repair can cost 50$, but that roll up door repairs near Bronx can cost even 500$, and that we cannot estimate over the phone. He said that he will call another company.
3 Days later, we get a call from the same client asking us to come and fix the door. We asked what changed, and he said that he had a roll up door contractor from Bronx to repair the problem, and they did repair it, but now the problem happened again, and not only that the roller is out of the track, now the door is completely off the tracks. When we arrived we found that now not only that he need roll up door repair, but he also burned the roll up door opener from all the repeated attempts to repair the roll up door. We always say that if it too cheap, it is too good to be true. To push roll up door into tracks anyone can, and for 50$ it is a good deal, but to do a thorough rolling door repair, is something that require time.

Second Case study

We got a call at 6 PM from a store owner that his rolling gate “off-tracks”. We said that for 29$ we will send someone in less than an hour to inspect the door and potentially fix it. He refused saying that to charge for estimate is not fair. We answered that we do not give free estimates for repairs. He called us again the same day at 10:30PM, and said it is OK, you can come and I will pay the 29$. We refused, and told him that after 10PM it is over hours and the service call is now 45$. He said that he will push the gate into tracks, and he doesn’t need us. We advised him not to, but he refused to listen.
Just like many cases when someone insist to repair something that he isn’t qualified to repair, and it doesn’t matter if it is a roll up gate repair New York City, garage door repair near NYC, or out of track garage door near Bronx. He created more damage than before, and he ended completely replacing the curtain of the gate, instead of just replacing 3 slats and have the gate work again.

fix-it-yourself “off-tracks”

Unfortunately, when it comes to “off-tracks” overhead door repair near Bronx, do-it-yourself is not the best action and the best way to repair the door. There are roll up door repairs near Bronx that can performed by do-it-yourself, but “off-tracks” roll up door isn’t one of them. Out of track roll up door does not end when the door is back into the tracks, the reason that lead the door to get “off-tracks” must be addressed as well, before the roll up door will be operable again. Whether it is “off-tracks” roll up door near The Bronx, or “off-tracks” roll up door near Manhattan New York, use a qualified repairman for the repair, because temporary repairs, or repair made by someone who isn’t experience in fixing roll up doors can end with injuries and with you spending a lot more money that you could save you would use a qualified roll up door specialist near Bronx.

BQE Garage Doors

BQE Garage Doors offer same day garage doors and rollup doors services near The Bronx. You might need emergency garage door repair, or commercial overhead door service, we can be there and help today. We carry parts and tools for any type of garage door service. It can be off tracks roll down gate repair, or new roll down shutter installation, BQE Garage Doors are ready for the task. No need for long waiting, or to try and risk yourself attempting to repair the door by yourself. If you are near the Bronx, it mean you are local to us, so we can be there even today.


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