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Power Master Bronx

Power Master Opener Bronx

One of the parameters that can make a big different between a business rollup door which will operate smoothly and flawlessly with no malfunctions and that won’t get stuck often, and a rolling gate that will be the cause for many issues is a good, strong and reliable rollup door operator. There are many different rollup steel doors operators near The Bronx, such as Genie opener and others. And with all the respect we have to the Liftmaster products, which we consider as the best manufacture for home garage doors openers near The Bronx, we at BQE Garage Doors believe that when it comes to business rolling door near The Bronx, Power-master openers are the openers you can trust to remain loyal and reliable for many years.
In the current post about “Power-Master” operator we will go over the features of the business gates operators, the malfunctions, troubleshoot and we will try to explain why it is always better to invest in high quality openers like the openers made by Power-master. If you would like to learn more, you can always visit Power-Master gate operators site, and learn about the different business gates operators.

Power-Master gate operator installment

Setting-up automatic electric rolling doors is not an easy task. It is a complicated process and this is why it is extremely important for the future owners to determine what they will use the gate for, in order to make it easier to determine which one is the best Power-master operator for their rolling gate. They should thoroughly explain to the installer what the purpose of that rolling door, so the installer could recommend the most suitable steel door operator for them. The future owners will also have to choose between different types of openers as well of the accessories that come with rolling gates near The Bronx NYC. There should be a safety check performed by the installer before the opener is installed so that the installer could know if the gate is suitable for operator installment in the given conditions.

Power Master Gate Bronx

Which Power-master opener is the right one for my gate?

Different rolling doors require different operators. Some rollup doors, such as the storefront roll down gates near The Bronx require center basic Power-master Operator, and some rolling gates near The Bronx require heavy duty side opener. It doesn’t make sense to put a small ½ horse power opener that will be the right operator for a storefront in Brooklyn, which is being used once a day on a heavy duty rolling gate in Manhattan NYC which is being used more than 100 times a day. Also the size of the rolling door make a big difference. You cannot expect a small opener to operate an industrial rolling door for long. The opener wasn’t built for that. Luckily Power Mater offer operators for different gates and for different purposes. The best thing will be to get consultation form experiment rolling gates installer near The Bronx.

What is the cost of a new Power-master opener?

As we just explained there are different operators for different purposes. And so for the prices. No one will expect a business rolling gate for a parking lot in Manhattan Bronx to cost as much as a residential garage door opener. The purposes of the opener are different. What important is to get the right opener for you. This is not the time to try and save money by setting-up the wrong gate operator.
You might try and save money by purchasing a Power-master opener which will be too small for your gate, or not powerful enough, and it is a matter of time before you will need to replace it. You will find that you can replace 3 openers in a period of time that one high quality Power Mater which is the right for your rolling gate could last.

Power-master Troubleshoot

Before we even begin explaining about different malfunctions with Power-master Operators and the ways to deal with them, we would like to start by declaring that a business door should be serviced by a qualified repairman. The business doors near The Bronx can be dangerous, and if they will be serviced by someone who is not qualified for that type of repairs it can end with injuries.
There are several malfunctions your rolling door might experience when the low temperatures near The Bronx strike. You might notice some delay in opening of your rolling door, or even the inability to open at all. In the event that a rolling door is not opening, not closing, or any type of malfunction, hire a local rollup installer near The Bronx for the service, and by doing so you will be making sure that the gate will be safe for use once the installer will complete the service.
But even if that it might seem to you like the malfunction is coming from the operator, know that it is not always the reason. Often the malfunction is coming from the gate itself. Metal components will contract as the temperature near The Bronx NYC drops. This is why recommend to use grease which is designed for business gates near The Bronx NYC. If you will use the wrong type of grease, the grease will thicken and prevent the rolling door from working properly.
So when it comes to rollup doors openers near The Bronx the rule is simple: If there is something wrong with gate, STOP, and get in touch with a local gate company to come and help you. Repeated attempts to try and make the gate work when obviously there is something wrong with it can make the opener overheated, and even the strong openers of Power-master can break when they are misuse.

Power Master opener Bronx

What to do when Power-master Opener is not responding:

  • First you should check if the electric breaker and the switch are working properly. If not, you might need to get in touch with a licensed electrician near The Bronx NYC to take care of the malfunction. (As we said, even if it looks like it, the malfunction might not come from the Power-master operator).
  • Check the power outlet to which the opener is plugged. There are tools designed to test electrical power in rolling doors.
  • The malfunction might be the remote control itself (In case you are opening and closing the rollup door remotely), maybe it’s broken, the battery inside it is dead and need replacement, or maybe the receiver is broken.
  • The receiver might be broken: Assuming that it is a Power-master Gate opener malfunction, sometime the connection between the remote and the gate is lost. In the case you will need to repair or replace the receiver, or reprogram the remote.
  • The rollup door itself is broken: If you only knew how many calls we get for emergency gate repairs near The Bronx, telling us that the opener is broken. And when we arrive we see that the gate itself is the cause for the malfunction (As we said, the Power-master operators are very strong). If the gate is damaged, off tracks, the spring is lose. Or the tracks are damaged, it must be taken care of before testing the opener.

 Power-master keep working when supposed to stop

If your rolling door doesn’t stop where it is supposed to, it might be due to the limit switch issue. In that case you will need a rolling gate expert to come and check the opener. Sometime it is just matter of adjusting the opener to the right settings, but sometime it is more complicated since if the opener did not stop the gate on time, the gate can keep rolling into itself and get busted. Like we said, stop trying to operate the gate and get in touch with us for same day Power-master opener repair near The Bronx.


Basic rules and tips about Power-master gate operator:

Here are some tips and rules that can help troubleshoot a Power-master rolling door operator. It is written based on years of servicing roiling gates near The Bronx NYC. They are not a replacement for the consolation of a qualified installer. BQE Garage Doors service all types of rolling doors near Bronx NYC. It can be storefront shutter repair Astoria, or garage door repairs New City, our experts can be there today.

  • If the rolling steel door does not work when it being used manually (Chain system or push up gate) manually. Before turning your gate into an automated gate, you have to make sure that it can operate normally when it is in manual mode. If it shows any signs of irregular working process, if it is too heavy to lift, or if it makes noises, or even if there are damaged parts, these malfunctions will not just disappear when you turn it into automated gate. Take care of the malfunctions before setting-up a new Power-master Gate operator.
  • Avoid setting-up the wrong Power-master operator! Using the wrong equipment. Is a waste of money, and can even be dangerous. Never use the equipment which is not specified by the manufacturer of the rolling door! Trying to save money by using the wrong equipment usually end with spending much more money. When you invest in quality Power-master Gate opener you might be investing more money at the moment, but you will be saving a lot of money in the future.
  • Avoid do it yourself Power-master Operator installment! Be responsible! Don’t try to install the gate yourself or by hiring a handyman which is not ready for business tasks. If you save some money on not calling an expert for the installment, it may end up in a disaster. There are qualified rolling doors installer near The Bronx who should install your gate and who will take legal risks of the installment. Business rolling doors can be dangerous. Misuse of them can lead to serious injuries.
  • Power-master Accessories: It is really important, as we have stated above, to explain to the installer how and what the rolling door will be used for. This way the installer will be able to provide you with the best solution for opening and closing of your door. Choices you will have are: vehicle detectors, key switch, remote controls, or card access, ground loops and more. There are accessories that you didn’t even know exist, such as the MYQ Lift-master motor .


Power-master Gate installer Bronx

There are many more tips that can be written here. After all, BQE Garage Doors has been servicing rolling doors and Power-master operators for many years near Bronx. But we decided to give only few basic tips. The reason is that Power-master Operators, and rollup doors can be dangerous, and if someone will try to install a gate operator, Power-master or Liftmaster, he can end with injuries. The rolling gate operators are installed above ground, and sometime operate a heavy rolling gate. Doing the wrong thing can lead to serious injuries. If you need Power-master gate installer near The Bronx, get in touch with BQE Garage Doors today, and we will be there to assist you with any of your rollup doors needs.
It can be a non-motorized rollup gate that need chain system repair or if you need new gate motor installation, we are ready for it. Do not wonder who fix rollup doors and rolling gates in New York? you just found BQE Garage Doors who offer same day rollup doors repair Bronx New York. To get your rolling gate fixed today, call us now.



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