Gate Spring Repair Bronx

Roll down Gate spring Bronx

Gate Spring Repair Bronx

We would like to describe to you 2 situations that we meet every day during servicing commercial roll down gates in the Bronx: A store owner, a warehouse owner, or anyone who try to use the roll down gate or roll down door, in the Bronx or anywhere else. Try to open the roll down gate in the morning, and find that it is impossible to do it, or in case it is possible, it is very hard to do so. He then try to remember when was the last time he greased the roll down gate, or hired a local company in near the Bronx to do that, and he discover it has been few years since someone greased the door.
The next thing he does is to search for a company who offer commercial roll down gate repairs near the Bronx. When he call, and being asked what is wrong with the gate, he answer that he need someone to grease the gate, since it is difficult to open it. What he does not know is that more than half of the calls we receive for a roll down gate that it is hard or impossible to open is due to a broken or weak spring. The way the roll down gates in Bronx operate is with a spring which is attached to the gate, and make it easy to open the gate even when there is no motor.

Gate spring Bronx NY

Broken roll down gate Bronx

When the spring is broken, there are 2 solutions: The recommended one is to replace the spring. The second, which we consider only as temporary repair, will be to fix the broken spring. And here might be the time to declare something extremely important: Just like the garage doors in Bronx, using a roll down gate when the spring is broken (Or any type of problem for that matter) is extremely dangerous, and should be avoided.
You need to understand something: Even if it is a motor driven roll down gate, what makes it easy to open up and close the gate is not the motor, but the spring. When the spring break, the motor need to replace it in opening the gate, and this is something dangerous. It can be a broken torsion commercial roll down gate in the Bronx, or commercial overhead door, when the spring is broken, the gate is off tracks, or anything else that prevent the roll down gate from working safely, it should not be used.

What to do when the spring break?

First you need to determine that the spring is broken, and that indeed it is the reason the gate is stuck or it is hard to open it. In case the spring is broken, you will need to hire a local gate company in the Bronx who specialize in commercial roll down gates. On of those companies in BQE Garage Doors, which offer emergency roll down gates services in the Bronx.

Where can I buy a spring in the Bronx?
The springs of the roll down gates is not something you can just go to home depot and buy them. Each roll down gate in the Bronx require its own size of spring. It can be torsion spring or push up spring, the springs are created for a specific gate! The spring which will fit a roll down gate in the Bronx, might not be the right spring for a roll down gate in Brooklyn. A qualified roll down gate technician have the ability to measure the gate in a way that will make sure that the right spring will be manufactured for the gate.

Can I install the new spring by myself?

Unless you are a qualified roll down gate technician, you should not try and replace the broken spring by yourself. It is dangerous. Assuming that you were able to locate the right spring for the roll down gate (Close to impossible in case you have no previous knowledge about roll down gates in the Bronx) replacing a commercial gate spring can be dangerous. It require from the installer knowledge, parts, materials and equipment that only qualified technician possess. Trying to replace a broken spring, without the required knowledge and parts will result with a roll down gate which is not operable, or in the worst case, you can get hurt.

What type of spring there are in the Bronx?

There are 2 main type of springs for roll down gates in the Bronx: A spring for a push up gate, and a torsion spring. The torsion spring is usually installed for the heavy duty gates, and for roll down gates which are being used multiple times every day.

But the motor is still working?!

Yes, although the spring is broken or weak, it might still be able to open the gate. But, using the gate with a broken spring will eventually lead to a broken motor as well. Not to mention the risk you are taking when you are using a gate with a broken gate. The best thing you can do is to contact a gate repairman who service the Bronx to come and fix the roll down gate and replace the spring (In case this is what make the problem).

BQE Garage Doors, Bronx NY

BQE Garage Doors offer same day roll down gate repairs Bronx. With our same day service, and with our qualified technicians, we will fix your broken roll down gate or broken overhead today. We have the ability to deal with any roll down gate problem, including spring replacement, or gate motor installment. We make springs for all types of roll down gates in New York, including torsion springs, push up gate springs and more. And with our emergency repairs services near the Bronx, we can fix any broken garage gate today.



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